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K3 Graduation Photo Day

A wave of excitement swept up our K3 students as they lined up wearing black gowns and square-shaped caps with red tassels. They were ready to strike a pose and show off their toothy smiles for the camera. The teachers smiled at their playful students because they knew they still have a couple more months left to teach them before they attend primary school.  

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Graduation celebrates the students’ metamorphosis at SSFLS Kindergarten. To commemorate this life transition, SSFLS hosted a photo shoot for the students to take photos and videos with their classmates. Throughout the day, the photographers arranged for the students to take a variety of Kindergarten-lifestyle photos as well as traditional cap and gown photos. 


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The students participated in a group photo with their homeroom teachers, ayi, and a specialist teacher. They also took a group photo wearing the cap and gown. The series of group photos and videos symbolize the family the students have created with their teachers and themselves as a class. 

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Students showed off their individuality by wearing a custom-made t-shirt with their portrait. This t-shirt highlights their uniqueness at the current stage of their life and signifies their Kindergarten memories.


As the students grow older and become adults, these photos will enable them to reminisce about their Kindergarten days as well as serve as a keepsake memento. As for their parents, these photos will freeze this happy moment in time. 

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