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Teachers“ Talent Show

 On Thursday, May 23rd, 2019, everyone at the SSFLS kindergarten gathered in the auditorium to enjoy another very special event together. Last month in our kindergarten, we were proud and excited to host our students’ talent show. For this occasion, two acts were selected from each grade level, and students got the chance to help select the winners by voting for their favorite performances.

 This time around, however, the tables turned! Students got to watch some of their teachers participate in a talent show featuring a variety of acts and displaying many wonderful examples of just how special and amazing the teachers in our kindergarten truly are! Home room teachers all elected one student per class to represent the audience’s preferences and serve as our panel of judges for this event.

 The show kicked off with “Disney Rocks” – a compilation of some of the most cherished songs from Disney movie classics, sung and choreographed by our very own Teacher Kate and Teacher Shona! 

Next, we saw K3A’s Teacher Sabrina give an outstanding and energetic performance of “La Negra,” a traditional Mexican dance.  Our management team then taught the audience of children and teachers how to dance the “Macarena,” which was a funny, silly, and entertaining experience for all who participated. Teacher Siya from K3B sang beautifully while accompanied by Teacher Brian (our K1 music teacher) on the drums, and then Gary from Lunable Babies wowed the crowd with his “Seaweed Dance,” which he also sang and rapped to. 

The show concluded with Teacher Erin from K2D singing “Tu Solo Tu,” a Spanish love song, then K2A’s Teacher Jordan and Teacher Josh (our K2 science teacher) gave a very funny and spontaneous magic show with good music, silly costumes, and awesome special effects!  The children showed enormous support and enthusiasm for all teachers performing by clapping, cheering, and chanting their names throughout the entire show. 

Hosting a talent show specifically for the teachers to take part in is a fun way for students to get a glimpse into the lives of their teachers by seeing some of their interests and passions outside of their teaching professions. All in all, it was a wonderful and memorable event for both students and teachers alike. We are already looking forward to next year’s teachers’ talent show! J 

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